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Lori Linkous Devine
Seattle, WA

Facebook: lolideseattle

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> "I'm in love. This piece has so much impact yet is so clean and sleek - I haven't wanted to wear anything else since it arrived."

> "I can not say enough positive things about my beautiful ring from Lori! The craftsmanship is AMAZING. She could definitely request triple the cost. I ordered a custom set and she was very easy to work with . The ring is stunning. Completely flawless. I will definitely shop again and recommend Lori for unique pieces! Thank you!"

> "I cannot express how wonderful it was to work with Lori. Beyond helpful in so many ways, so patient. Great experience - PLUS - amazing rings! Absolutely love them! "

> "Lori did an absolute exceptional job creating the wedding bands for our wedding and when we hit a hiccup with sizing she responded without a moments hesitation to find a solution and make us beyond happy with our rings. I truly can not speak highly enough of the experience and the jewelry!"

> "Absolutely the best purchase I've ever made EVER!!! Stunning work and pristine customer service!!! You can't go wrong when doing business with Lori!!"


Lolide (pronounced low-lih-day) is a one woman show. Everything you see is made completely by hand in my studio in Seattle. The name derives from the first two letters of each of my three names Lori Linkous Devine.

I've been making things with my hands since I can remember. I was raised in semi-rural Virginia by Depression-era grandparents. My grandfather, never one to throw anything away - or purchase expensive art materials - kept what we referred to as the "junk room." But to me, this was my supply closet, the place where I got all of the materials for my many projects, from the leftover rug remnants and house paint I used in a handmade and furnished cardboard doll-less house, to old pieces of tire I used to make a pair of flip flops. The Childcraft Make and Do books were my Bible.

After studying art at university, I spent years in social work. Now, I'm finally returning to what makes me really happy, making things. I love the sculptural aspect of making jewelry and the color and tactile process of knitting. My design influence emanates from my printmaking background and my approach from Grandpa's junk room.

I'm very attracted to showing positive vs. negative space. I find inspiration in the intersection of order and chaos, natural vs. industrial, like the beautiful lush organic vine growing on a rusted glass and steel structure or the sound of rain on a metal roof, things that connect my Virginia childhood with my new home in Seattle. I try to reflect this feeling of time, nature, and industry in my designs, a marriage of my past and present.