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Kamala Celebration Necklace


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Kamala celebration necklace Created in honor of the first woman and first BIPOC Vice President of the United States. 15% of all sales of this necklace will be donated to Emily’s list. The diamond represents a rising star, a light at the end of a long dark tunnel, a hope for future generations of girls and women. The binary bar uses dots to represent the date of Kamala Harris’s inauguration on Jan. 20, 2021.This necklace can also be customized with your stone or date. The perfect birthday, V-day, Christmas, Hanukkah or anniversary gift for your favorite feminist.

The necklace is finished with a handmade sterling silver clasp designed to fit the feel of the piece. A detail only you may see, it’s a reminder of the attention to detail of every piece. Please be aware that each necklace is made by hand and so there will be slight variations in each piece, something to be valued as it creates a work of art that is uniquely yours and is a testament to its truly handmade nature. For those who may not be familiar, binary code uses ones and zeros to represent numbers. I translated the ones and zeroes into large and small dots, respectively – small dot is zero, large dot is one. Each group of four dots represents a number 0-9 and I combine these to make a date.