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alternative modern wedding band set, women's wedding ring, men's wedding ring


bark band yellow diamond wedding band set in 14k yellow or white gold, sterling palladium, 950 palladium, or platinum - This listing is for BOTH bands. The bands can also be ordered separately:


Bands 2mm or wider can be engraved. To add inside band engraving to your order please use this link :

Minimalist, modern, timeless design. These rings defy gender and give you a beautiful alternative to the rings your see every day. Completely textured and set by hand with conflict-free stones, every ring is made to order and will have inimitable markings and stone placement. No two are exactly alike making each uniquely yours.

The set pictured is 950 palladium with yellow diamonds. This set can also be made with white diamonds, black diamonds, or other diamond colors of your choice as well as yellow, white or blue sapphires.

Metal choices include 950palladium (first four photos), white gold (see last photo) or platinum. Sterling palladium is also available. Yellow gold with white diamonds is also available. If you don't see the combination you want, please contact me with details for a custom listing.


This set includes:

One 5mm palladium band set with six 1.3mm yellow diamonds (or substitute stone and metal of your choice)

One 5mm hand-textured palladium band with no stones (or metal of your choice)

These rings can also be ordered separately.

This ring is made with recycled materials and conflict free stones!


Also referred to as sterling palladium, this is .925 sterling silver, with 3% palladium added. All sterling silver is 92.5% silver with other metals added to give strength and other characteristics. In this case 3% valuable palladium is added conferring some of its benefits, such as durability and tarnish resistance, which creates a superior sterling silver alloy to traditional sterling. However, this alloy is still sterling silver which is the softest of the precious metals and should not be confused with the 950 palladium alloy which is 95% pure palladium and is superior in strength, durability and tarnish resistance, as is gold and platinum.

950 palladium: this is 95% palladium, a strong durable metal comparable to white gold. Palladium is greyer and cooler in tone that white gold. It is virtually hypo - allergenic and does not tarnish

white gold: there are many options with white gold. 14K white is made with nickel which some people, though not many, have a reaction to. Palladium white gold is a nickel-free white gold option. White gold is greyer than silver but lighter than palladium and has a warmer tone to it. White gold is a very hard durable metal as well, and the different karats refer to purity. 14K is 58% gold, 18K is 75% gold, etc.

Yellow gold and red/rose gold are also options, but folks are usually more familiar with these alloys. They mainly differ just in color. Higher karats are a little softer but also richer and deeper in color, so 18K rose or yellow gold has a richer, deeper hue than 14K and 14K more than 10K, etc.

Platinum: This is the densest and most valuable of the metals. It has a whiter finish than white gold or palladium, is hypo-allergenic, and very durable and scratch resistant. It's density if a large part of why it is more expensive as metals are sold by weight.


I created these rings to be versatile for any gender or couple and to accommodate mixing and matching to create the perfect set just for you.

**This ring can also be ordered with or other materials as well as various widths and alternative stones and stone sizes. I am happy to help you with a custom order incorporating your particular needs.

These rings are designed to be combined with other bands in this collection to create the perfect matching his/her, his/his, or her/her designs - just contact me with questions or special requests.


Please allow 4-5 weeks for construction and include your size(s) in notes to seller. Custom requests may take longer. If you must have it sooner, please contact me and I will do my best to meet your needs.

Please remember to include your size in half size increments in notes to seller.