flat women's and men's wedding rings - simple wedding band set in palladium, gold, or platinum


Simple, ethically sourced flat wedding band set. This listing is for the SET of two bands. However, they are also available individually.

These bands are made from 100% recycled metal and are an elegant and simple choice for men or women. Available in a number of metal options. If you do not see the metal of your choice, please contact me for a custom listing.


Bands 2mm or wider can be engraved. To add inside band engraving to your order please use this link : http://www.lolide.com/product/engraving

Filed and finished by hand, all edges are smoothed for comfort, and may have slight variations. These rings are meant to be mixed and matched and to accommodate stacking with various engagement rings available here:



One 3mm x 1.5mm brush finished flat band in metal of your choice
One 6mm x 1.5mm brush finished flat band in metal of your choice

I am happy to mix and match metals or makes rings in different widths or thicknesses. Please contact me with special requests.


Sterling palladium: this is .925 sterling silver, with 3% palladium. This is a superior sterling but is still sterling silver which is a much softer, whiter metal. Silver is more vulnerable to damage and wears more over time but is a great economical choice if you cannot afford the other metals. Silver also tarnishes more quickly and may need more cleaning.

950 palladium: this is 95% palladium, a strong durable metal comparable to white gold. Palladium is greyer and cooler in tone that white gold. It is hypo - allergenic and does not tarnish

50% palladium is an alloy of 50% palladium and approx. 50% white gold. It is stronger than sterling palladium but not as hard and durable as the 95% palladium alloy. 50% palladium has a deeper grey hue than the other metals.

White gold: there are many options with white gold. It is a very hard and durable metal. 14K white is made with nickel which some people, though not many, have a reaction to. Palladium white gold is a nickel-free white gold option. White gold is greyer than silver but lighter than palladium and has a warmer tone to it.

Yellow gold is a hard durable metal as well, and the different karats refer to purity. 14K is 50% gold, 18K is 75% gold. 14K gold has a more muted, somewhat rosier hue. 18K gold is a richer, more golden true yellow. Rose gold - also pink or red gold - is mixed with copper to give it it's pink hue.


Turn around time is currently 4-5 weeks. Most rush orders can be accommodated for a fee. Please contact me with inquiries if you need your rings sooner.

***Please put your ring sizes in "notes to seller" when checking out.